Ambassadors of the spirit

13 Aug

I get the privilege of playing lunch time hockey every so often.  How did I get dealt such a sweet hand?  I try not to think about it.

Typically, for the Bell Sensplex, the month of August is full of kids whose parents are so desperate for someone to look after their kids that they will enroll them in summer hockey day camps.  Nevertheless, the Bell Sensplex is packed with kids who love the game of hockey.

This past week, during our very mixed bag of skill, age and athletic ability hockey game, a younger kid, probably around 9 or 10, poked his head into our sheet of ice and had his face up against the glass, looking on with great interest.  Then it dawned on me, “You don’t have to be Sidney Crosby to be an ambassador of the game of hockey”.  You are an ambassador of the game when you lace’em up.

I could have walked over to him, looked him dead in the eye, and told him I thought he sucked and he could have been so devastated about it that he would never play hockey again.  On the flip side, and the more likely of the two scenarios, I could have gone over, complimented him on his skates/gloves/helmet, handed him a puck and he may have been so fired up about that that he remembered that day as the day he decided to be a professional hockey player.  It sounds really arrogant, but it’s true!

As Christians, we have this EXACT same opportunity with non-believers or people who aren’t quite sure about their faith.  We need to be ambassadors of the spirit!

If I walked up to random people on the street, declared my love for God, and then continued to make fun of their clothes, life style choices or favorite music, WHATEVER, chances are that person will NEVER set foot in a church EVER because of that one time a Christian came up to them and started making fun.  On the flip side, and the more likely of the two scenarios, I could pay for someone’s coffee behind me, make conversation with the clerk at the gas station or WHATEVER!  I could be an ambassador of the spirit of God!

Chances are people aren’t going to run into Carl Lentz, Brian Houston or TD Jakes on the streets.  Non-Christians and Christians who are in weird spots with their faith will, however, run into us.  They will run into average ordinary lovers of God.  How we interact with people could make or break their salvation.  It may sound arrogant but it’s so true.  The stakes are SO high!

Christians worst enemy has been, and always will be, Christians themselves.  Be ambassadors of the spirit!



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One Response to “Ambassadors of the spirit”

  1. Paul Rudenberg January 29, 2013 at 10:24 am #

    So true Jimmy. Keep writing posts I want to hear more.

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